Nourishing Lives: The Hot Lunch Program for Elderly Adults

July 18, 2023

Our nutritional needs evolve as we age, and maintaining a healthy diet becomes increasingly important for our overall well-being. Unfortunately, many elderly adults face challenges accessing nutritious meals, which can significantly affect their health and quality of life. That’s where the Hot Lunch Program at TEL HI comes into the picture.

Meet TEL HI’s Newest Board Members

March 15, 2023

Welcome To The Board We are excited to welcome Tim Keefe and Nish Kothari as the newest members of TEL HI’s Board of Directors! Their skills and experience will be […]

Growing Old ≠ Being Alone 

Help TEL HI Fight Senior isolation   On Monday, October 3, 2022 TEL HI was finally able to open its doors and welcome back San Francisco’s ageing and older adults and […]

Learning ≠ Boring

Support The Next Generation of Teachers What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question parents and other adults ask kids. In the past […]

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