Honoring San Francisco’s Mayoral Legacy: TEL HI’s New Gym Wall Installation

May 23, 2023


San Francisco is a city renowned for its rich history, diversity, cultural heritage, and culinary delights and has been shaped and molded by visionary leaders throughout the years. To pay tribute to these influential figures and their contributions, TEL HI has unveiled a beautiful new installation on its gym wall at 555 Chestnut Street in San Francisco.

Designed by Buchanan Brand + Design, the installation showcases a collection of large candid black and white photographs featuring current and past mayors of San Francisco, commemorating the individuals who played a pivotal role in creating the city we know and love.

Among the featured mayors are current Mayor London Breed and past mayors George Moscone, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Art Agnos, Frank Jordan, Willie Brown, Ed Lee, and others, whose collective efforts have left an undeniable mark on the city’s history.

In addition to the beautiful photographs, the installation also incorporates a timeline that showcases the history of mayors since TEL HI’s founding in 1890. This historical perspective connects the community to the city’s past and provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse leaders who have guided San Francisco for the past 133 years.

As visitors engage with the installation, they are encouraged to reflect on the contributions of these mayors and be inspired to contribute to their community in their own unique ways. The installation serves as a reminder that the strength and beauty of San Francisco lies not only in its iconic landmarks and beautiful landscape but also in the passion and dedication of its people.

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