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Make a gift to a cause that is meaningful to you. Help support thousands of children, families, and seniors who rely on TEL HI every day!

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TEL HI's Makerspace

Some kids are meant to build things other than code

TEL HI's makerspace is a place where students can create, problem solve, and develop skills, talents, thinking, and mental rigor. They learn project management, they become explorers, they are more engaged in the learning. They learn to take creative risks, they think divergently, they engage in iterative thinking and they become problem-solvers!


"In our space without always explicitly talking about it our students are exploring physics concepts, math concepts, mechanic concepts and artistic expression. They are collaborating to solve problems and working on their social and communication skills."

Taryn Pritchard
TEL HI’s Makerspace Educator

Watch the video to learn more about how and why TEL HI’s makerspace is transforming the way children learn and view the world!

The Senior Program

Growing old does not equal being alone

Social isolation and loneliness are public health issues that affect more than one-third of adults, with seniors most at risk for depression, substance abuse, and suicide triggered by feelings of isolation. TEL HI provides a place for San Francisco’s aging and older adult population to form a community, with classes and programs that are free or very low cost! Read more here.


"Seniors, if they are lacking in activities or lacking in interests or things that get them excited then they start to deteriorate very quickly."

Merle Louie
Senior Program Participant

Meet Merle, one of TEL HI’s Senior Program participants. Merle has been attending TEL HI’s Senior Program for the last 8 years and relies on it to provide a community to keep her active. Watch the video and learn more about what it means to have programs and services for the seniors in our community.

TEL HI's STEAM Program

Learning Does Not Equal Boring

Through programs that make the learning process fun like our STEAM program (STEM with the addition of the letter A for arts) and supportive encouraging staff that help youth discover their passions, TEL HI is helping to inspire the next generation of teachers! Read more about what TEL HI is doing!


“The most rewarding thing about the profession is seeing so many students succeed and do well. When I see students come back and say they graduated or are married with a family, it really warms me, and it makes the profession so rewarding.”

Ken Lee


Meet Ken Lee, he grew up in North Beach and worked 30 years as a teacher, counselor, vice principal and principal for San Francisco Unified School District. Watch the video to hear Ken's full story and learn about why youth would want to become teachers.

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