TEL HI was chosen to manage North Beach-Chinatown (NBC) Beacon Center, located at Francisco Middle School. NBC Beacon is one of ten Beacon centers around San Francisco. So…you might be thinking, what’s a Beacon Center?

From the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

The Beacon Centers transform public schools into youth and family centers that become a beacon of activity for the surrounding neighborhood. Drawing on the existing wealth in our communities, Beacon Centers create pathways to lifelong learning through which young people and adults can always find the next challenge or step in their process of learning, growth, and development….

In other words, after each school day and throughout the summer, NBC Beacon offers a vibrant array of programs to youth, teens, and adults to enrich their life experience. Managing North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center gives TEL HI a way to reach even more people who may need our services. We are delighted by this chance to serve a larger community.

For more information, visit the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center page.

For location details, visit our Locations page.

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