What is STEAM and why is it important?

STEAM is an educational approach that promotes the combination of science, technology, engineering, arts and math as a way of encouraging comprehensive learning. STEAM encourages an individual to use techniques from different fields to solve a problem by using a different approach. Examples include using technology to solve a math problem or incorporating the principles of art to influence science.

Our STEAM programs inspire students to be curious, take risks, and engage in creative problem-solving methods, shaping skills for the next generation of leaders and innovators. The number of STEAM jobs is increasing rapidly and we are actively creating programs and activities for kids and teens to embrace everything that STEAM has to offer.

We are so passionate about STEAM that we have commissioned a mural installation on the entire back of our gym wall facing Chestnut Street. The mural includes information, fun facts and colorful illustrations to better explain each of the five disciplines. It’s never too late to learn and we invite you to visit and experience our STEAM installation in person. There are lots of opportunities for selfies and social media and if you have already visited our mural, don’t forget to share and use #STEAMatTELHI

This Month’s STEAM Ambassador!

Ronald Chase

"Art is one of the most important tools in education because when you talk about art you talk about history, philosophy, psychology, emotion. You talk about your values, what is meaningful to you, what you want to support in the world. Through art young people can study and investigate so many things that schools seem to neglect. Right now we need a lot more encouragement and a lot more art.”

Ronald Chase
Founding Director, SF Art & Film  

Meet our STEAM Coordinator, Rebekah!

Rebecca Foster

Rebekah brings 5+ years of experience connecting young people with the natural world and is passionate about equipping young people with the mindsets, relationships and skills needed to rise to the challenge of curbing climate change. She spends half of her time running the garden education program at Francisco Middle School through TEL HI’s Beacon Initiative, and the rest of the time setting goals, coordinating partnerships and aligning STEAM education across four TEL HI sites. She holds a degree in Women’s Studies & Sustainability Studies from the University of Florida. In her free time, Rebekah organizes for climate justice, tends her backyard garden and cooks big vegetarian meals.

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