Bringing Joy and Hope: KT Prep and TEL HI’s Toy Drive Partnership

January 2, 2024

A Partnership of Generosity and Community Spirit

In the spirit of giving and community support, KT Prep Academy, under the leadership of its founder Nathan Kenion, has been a beacon of generosity in TEL HI’s annual Toy Drive. For the past seven years, KT Prep has played a pivotal role in this fundraiser, donating over 2,000 toys and bringing immeasurable joy to the hearts of children in the community.

Nathan Kenion: A Story of Triumph and Giving Back

Nathan Kenion’s journey is one of resilience and inspiration. Growing up in a challenging environment, Nathan credits The Omega Boy’s & Girl’s Club for providing him with the guidance and opportunities to steer clear of trouble and pursue his dreams. He played football at De la Salle High School in Concord, and earned a scholarship to St. Mary’s College and then to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, where he became team captain and ultimately the first person in his family to earn a college degree. His experience inspired him to found KT Prep Academy, which is  a center for learning that activates dreams, teaches discipline and responsibility, and births leaders.


A Season of Giving: More Than Just Toys

This year’s Toy Drive, powered by the partnership of KT Prep and TEL HI, is more than a seasonal event—it’s a symbol of hope, community solidarity, and the power of kindness. Each toy represents not just a gift but a bridge connecting hearts, a gesture that strengthens the fabric of our community, and a precious memory created for a child.


Gratitude and Holiday Wishes

As we celebrate giving throughout the holiday season, we extend our heartfelt thanks to KT Prep, Nathan Kenion, and every individual who contributed to our Giving Tuesday success. Your unwavering commitment and generosity have significantly impacted the lives of many families and brightened the holidays for countless children.

For those who still wish to donate to TEL HI’s toy drive and our various projects, you may donate here:  

TEL HI’s Website:


Venmo: @TELHI

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