TEL HI Awarded Grant From SFNCT To Help Support TEL HI’s New Senior Program Advisory Board

April 22, 2024

This month, TEL HI Neighborhood Center was one of five centers in San Francisco to receive a grant from San Francisco Neighborhood Centers Together (SFNCT). This grant is part of a new initiative to help neighborhood centers establish or expand senior advisory councils.   

TEL HI will use the grant to support their Senior Program Advisory Board, also known as SWAP (Seniors with a Purpose) program, which empowers older adults to take an active role at the center. 

“The Senior Program tends to get overlooked, with more emphasis placed on the programs for kids and teens. Likewise, seniors tend to get overlooked in our society. The Advisory Council focuses on providing programs and funding that help Tel Hi’s seniors live active and meaningful lives.”  Dale Fehringer, Member of Seniors with a Purpose 

Koletti Leha Ieremia, TEL HI’s Senior Program Director, created SWAP to empower seniors to come together to address action items for TEL HI’s senior program, leveraging the unique resources and skills of each member. 

SWAP’s vision revolves around expanding the offerings of the senior program to meet the diverse needs of its participants. To achieve this, SWAP has identified several key areas of focus: 

  • Food Program: they aim to enhance TEL HI’s food program by expanding its reach and accessibility for all seniors. This includes increasing ADA accessibility and ensuring that nutritious options are readily available to promote overall well-being.
  • Healthy Behaviors: To enrich the experience for TEL HI’s seniors, SWAP plans to extend the activities beyond the facility. This involves organizing outdoor events in local parks and partnering with fitness centers to improve programs like Tai Chi, Line Dance Classes, Zumba, and GroupX (such as yoga and pilates) sessions.
  • Enrichment: SWAP believes in the importance of lifelong learning and personal growth. As part of their commitment to enrichment, they will offer opportunities for seniors to engage in gardening, participate in art classes, and enjoy semi-annual ballet, opera, and theater performances.

By working collaboratively and utilizing the diverse talents within the board, SWAP is dedicated to making TEL HI’s senior program a thriving and dynamic community resource. Together, they will create a supportive environment that celebrates active aging and empowers seniors to lead fulfilling lives. 

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