TEL HI’s Staff Steps Up in The Face of Major Storm and Pandemic To Support Students’ Education

February 3, 2023

TEL HI’s after school program staff went above and beyond to provide academic support to elementary school aged children during the recent Bay Area storms, which unleashed massive floods and record rain falls.

When the recent storm hit the city, the Elementary School Academy (ESA) team recognized that many of the children who relied on the program for tutoring and academic support would not be able to attend because of transportation issues. The torrential downpours and high winds made even walking a few blocks to the center from the schools impossible.

To ensure the children in the Elementary School Academy were not left behind, program leaders sprang into action. They worked with the local elementary schools to set up onsite programming where they could provide instruction and the necessary materials and resources. This allowed the students to continue to receive the academic support they needed, even during the storm. TEL HI’s program managers and director worked to contact parents to inform them of the location change and even delivered the after-school snacks to the schools.

Students need the extra support TEL HI’s ESA program provides now more than ever. Learning loss has been a major concern for schools and educators nationwide. According to data from the San Francisco Unified School District, students in the district experienced an average learning loss of six months in math and reading during the 2020-2021 school year due to the pandemic. This highlights the importance of programs like the after school program at TEL HI, which work to mitigate learning loss and ensure that children can stay on track academically.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of TEL HI’s staff, the children were able to continue their studies, and stay on the path to academic success. The ESA team truly exemplified the spirit of community and demonstrated their commitment to the well-being and success of the children they serve.

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