Meet Karl

July 1, 2014

Here’s what Karl says about his experience with TEL HI

I attended preschool at TEL HI when I was growing up in North Beach, but I really got to know TEL HI when my wife, Kate, and I got involved with North Beach Neighbors, a local community group involved in improving the quality of life in North Beach. Like many other community groups, North Beach Neighbors used TEL HI’s space to meet in the evenings.

By coming into the center on a regular basis for meetings, we developed an appreciation of the broad range of services that TEL HI provides to our community. We also learned about the importance of TEL HI’s annual dinner [A Taste of TEL HI] and chose to support this large fundraiser, as well as other projects. We felt fortunate to have our daughter, Carson, attend TEL HI’s preschool for two years. Being part of the school allowed us to learn more about the center and deepen our commitment to its work.

We can see all of the good things that TEL HI does for our community. Aside from having our daughter in the preschool, we have neighbors who participate in the senior lunch program, know children in the after school day care program, and have a friend who is getting up to speed with computer classes—all at TEL HI!

We can also see that the money we give to Tel-Hi has a direct and immediate effect on improving life in our neighborhood. Over the last year troubles in the economy have hit some families harder than others. Fundraising has become more difficult, while the demand for the services that Tel-Hi provides has increased. We made the decision to increase our financial support because we believe in the valuable things that are happening at Tel-Hi.

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