Staff Saturday: Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Program

May 29, 2020


Lucero Gamboa, Enrollment Specialist & Facilities Manager, in her office

Sometimes, things pile up in life: work, family, finances, personal trials, the list goes on. So, when things like an economic recession and a global pandemic hit, it doesn’t make things feel any easier. But as all of us know, we just got to keep going and get “it” done.

This is especially true for Lucero Gamboa who works with the ITPS staff. During the day, she works as the program’s enrollment specialist, and on nights and weekends, she is TEL HI’s facility manager—all while being a student at CCSF. On top of that, she became the facility manager just in the second week of the pandemic—adding immense stress to her plate.

Still, Lucero persevered on and kept close her “get it done” mentality. She expanded her team, order supplies months in advance, and created a set of protocols to thoroughly sanitize the preschool each day. And now, she’s finishing up her classes at CC, thrives in her diverse role’s duties at TEL HI, and has been a key reason why TEL HI has been able to provide emergency child care to frontline emergency workers throughout the crisis.

Thank you, Lucero, and the ITPS team for your valuable work!

Feel free to read our other articles about what we’re doing during this crisis and in the meantime, stay healthy, safe, and TEL HI STRONG everyone!

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