Staff Saturday: Elementary School Academy

April 22, 2020

ESA staff providing emergency childcare to a handful of kids

Commuting to work has never been easy for anyone, including Elementary School Academy (ESA) staff. All of us remember the troublesome commute of going to SF from the East Bay—getting up really early to beat the morning traffic, opening up Waze to find which backroads save you the most time, praying that no delays happen on your trip—the list goes on. Still, despite the morning commute easing down these past weeks, it feels eerily unsettling more than anything else now.

Michael Lee, ESA Program Manager, feels proud of his staff for “braving the elements to serve the community.” He’s referring to the health hazards associated with COVID-19 and public transportation and how he admires his staff for coming into work each day, which sometimes, doesn’t exactly give the same sense of security that they’d feel staying at home.

Although arriving at TEL HI feels like they’re coming into their second home, the Center feels uneasy as they’re working “on a 24-hour news cycle” that they constantly have to monitor to adjust their program and plan for the future accordingly. Living with that uncertainty has been extraordinarily difficult for them and all of us.

So, today we’d like to thank our ESA staff for their commitment to our kids and families. Their effort and work are truly invaluable to our community and will not go unrecognized. So, thank you ESA staff.

Feel free to read our other articles about what we’re doing during this crisis and in the meantime, stay healthy, safe, and TEL HI STRONG everyone!

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