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We offer a broad range of programs and services for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds! We’re excited to celebrate our 133rd anniversary this year!

Learn more about TEL HI’s after school program for Elementary School Aged Kids

TEL HI’s after school program offers specialized math programs, recreational activities, a Makerspace, and more! Watch the video to learn how TEL HI impacts the children and families who rely on our programs every day! To donate click here!

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  1. Nourishing Lives: The Hot Lunch Program for Elderly Adults

    Our nutritional needs evolve as we age, and maintaining a healthy diet becomes increasingly important for our overall well-being. Unfortunately, many elderly adults face challenges accessing nutritious meals, which can significantly affect their health and quality of life. That’s where the Hot Lunch Program at TEL HI comes into the picture.

  2. Honoring San Francisco’s Mayoral Legacy: TEL HI’s New Gym Wall Installation

      San Francisco is a city renowned for its rich history, diversity, cultural heritage, and culinary delights and has been […]

  3. TEL HI Honors San Francisco Mayors at A Taste of TEL HI 2023

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 12, 2023— Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (TEL HI) holds its annual fundraiser event, “A Taste of […]


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  1. October 8
    Italian Heritage Festival & Parade 2023
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  2. November 4
    Winter Festival 2023
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