Donate: Join Our Giving Circle

People like you have made TEL HI possible for well over a century. Even with our successes, we continue to work tirelessly on your behalf and ensure that your donations go where they are needed most! The Giving Circle is a monthly giving program that comes with exclusive benefits when you donate $125 or more (as a one-time donation or yearly total). Benefits include:

  • An invitation to an exclusive VIP reception for A Taste of TEL HI 2017
  • Your name memorialized on our Heart of Gold wall display located at the Chestnut Street entrance
  • A copy of our TEL HI Cookbook to be published in 2017 and edited by the renowned Mary Risley, founder of Tante Marie’s Cooking School
  • And more!

Please consider making a monthly or one-time donation by check or credit card. To make your donation online through, click here. Please note JustGive deducts a fee of 4.5% per donation from your transaction. If you would like one hundred percent of your donation to go to TEL HI, please fill out our Donation Form and mail it to: TEL HI, P.O. Box 330580, San Francisco, CA 94133 or e-mail it to Yvonne Curley at For the ultimate in personal connection and good feelings, drop off your donation in person and meet the people who you’re helping (not ALL of them though—that would take a long time).

Here are three goals we have for 2017!

renovate_gymRenovate Our Gymnasium

TEL Hi’s gym is one of the most active spaces in our neighborhood! Our goal is to make it more inclusive and functional by adding a curtain that can be used to divide the gym into two separate spaces when needed. We also intend to refinish the wood floors, replace old windows, add “kid sized” basketball hoops and give this well-loved and well-worn space the updates it needs!


protect_envirnmentContinue to Help Protect the Environment

TEL HI is now one of ten nonprofits certified as a Green Business in San Francisco! Our goal is to become an even more sustainable organization by replacing the original doors and windows from the 1950’s construction of our building. Help us create a healthier,greener community for all to enjoy!


disney-magicHave Our Children Experience the Magic of Disneyland

Sending our kids to Disneyland has been an ongoing goal of ours. For many, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip that they otherwise would not have  the opportunity to experience. While it may be just a theme park to an adult, to a six year old, it’s a place where they can sail with pirates, meet fairy-tale princesses and explore faraway jungles! Help us give our children a summer experience they will remember forever!


sparklelikerubyContinue to Sparkle Like Ruby Gim

True to the precious stone she was named after,Ruby Gim was a rare and beautiful individual. For over 35 years she worked at TEL HI and was well known for her generosity and kind spirit. Ruby would often pay for taxi rides for seniors, bring meals to the home bound, and purchase groceries and small gifts for the people in her program that needed to be cheered up.Ruby passed away tragically in 2014 and an anonymous donation was made in Ruby’s name so that her acts of kindness would continue. Today, that fund is nearly depleted. It is our goal to replenish this  fund so that Ruby’s legacy of caring can live on!

It doesn’t matter if you give $25 or $25,000 (OK, it  matters a little…). In essence, you’ll help keep our lights on, the food hot, and the community a safer place.

How Your Donation Is Used

Your donation will directly impact the quality of life for the people who depend on TEL HI every day. If you want, you may specify a specific program that you would like 100 percent of your donation to support. But for all donations, specific and general, you can rest assured that TEL HI uses our funding wisely and directs it to where it’s needed most.









Thank you for considering making your tax-deductible donation to TEL HI! For more information, please contact our Development Director, Yvonne Curley, at 415.580-7222, or

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Upcoming Events

  1. Apr 6
    Free Family Cooking Classes
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  2. Jun 2
    A Taste of TEL HI 2017
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News & Programs

  1. Golden State Warriors Players Get Personal about Their Finances to Educate TEL HI Youth

    On Monday, January 9, 2017 TEL HI’s North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center at Francisco Middle School hosted Golden State Warriors players Ian Clark and Shaun Livingston for an interactive discussion around the importance of having financial knowledge. The event was part of the Future Leaders program, a financial literacy program that was formed by the Golden State […]

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  2. TEL HI is Recognized as a Green Business by the City and County of San Francisco

    We are excited to announce we are now one of 10 nonprofits in the city of San Francisco recognized as a San Francisco Green Businesses! As an organization that has been around for over 126 years, we know the importance of taking care of the planet so that it remains healthy for generations to come. […]

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  3. Crowdfunding Campaign for TEL HI’s Senior Program Hits Goal

    On September 1, 2016 TEL HI launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $8,888 for its Senior Program. The campaign, Christmas in September for Seniors, was a huge success!  With over 40 people making online and offline donations, Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (TEL HI) hit its fundraising goal in 2 months! “We are so […]

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