Sometimes the best way to help people in a community is to bring everyone together. So TEL HI enjoys hosting a variety of celebrations, events, and meetings that embrace the diversity of the neighborhood. We believe our mission of service obliges us to help everyone. Here are a few examples of how we serve you:
  • Every Thanksgiving TEL HI serves traditional turkey dinners with all the trimmings—for free—to anyone who comes to our door (approximately 700 guests last year!)
  • TEL HI’s Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration gives everyone a fun and delicious way to learn about each other’s traditions
  • TEL HI is the host location for North Beach Community Courts
  • North Mountain Zendo practices group meditation here in the early mornings
  • In the evenings TEL HI rents facility space to community organizations such as:
    • Community Police
    • Golden Gate Sport and Social Club
    • Neighborhood Court
    • NextVillage SF
    • San Francisco Evangelical Free Church

If you are interested in bringing people together at TEL HI or want more information about TEL HI’s engagement within your community, please contact Ashley Latoof at 415.421.6443, ext. 22, or alatoof@telhi.org.