The Difference a Dollar Can Make in Your Local Community

December 21, 2017

difference a dollar can make

Have you ever dreamt of being someone who could make a difference? Many of us who have, who may have ever considered offering help in making a change for others end up not taking action, believing that in order to make a significant change, you need to have large amount of money to make it happen. This is nothing more than a myth.

If you are someone who feels limited in their capacity to help, always keep in mind that financial contribution of any amount can make a difference, no matter how big or small it is. That is because when we all do just a little bit, our efforts combined can help create a better world for all of us.

Here are a few ways to make a difference in your local community with just a few dollars:

You can change how someone “sees” the world

Nearly half of all Americans have poor eyesight. There many people who require vital sight-saving eye care but cannot afford it. Your donation can make a real difference in providing vision care access in your local community to prevent blindness, restore sight, and transform lives. Little do most people know, skipping on a day’s latte to instead donate to this cause can cure a child’s blindness.

Eradicate hunger in your local community

According to Feeding America, 1 out of 7 Americans struggle with hunger and some 13 million American children live in homes with limited access to food. Scarcity of food leads to malnutrition which leaves children vulnerable to illness and infection. It can also lead to higher levels of aggression, hyperactivity, and anxiety. Malnutrition also affects a developing child’s ability to learn. Children in food-insufficient homes don’t do as well in school as those whose nutrition is adequate, according to Louisiana State University. Long-term malnutrition in children can lead to stunted growth and mental and physical disabilities. Did you know that $3 can feed a whole family for a week?

Make wheelchairs accessible to disabled people.

Your few dollars can help a non-profit organization in your local community to deliver free wheelchairs and mobility aids to physically disabled children, teens and adults who are without mobility or the means to acquire a wheelchair. Even just a dollar coming from you can help in inspiring others to go outside and keep moving despite excuses, disabilities, and fears.

There are a hundred other ways in which you can give back to your local community and make a difference. Whether you have an overabundance or just enough, donating even just a few dollars to your local community non-profit can make a huge impact in the lives of others. Start today and be the difference the world has been waiting for.