People like you have made TEL HI possible for well over a century. Even with our successes, we continue to work tirelessly on your behalf and ensure that your donations go where they are needed most!

And for a limited time only when you make a year-end tax-deductible donation, you will receive an online code for a free gift!

Make a Donation Today!

Please note JustGive deducts a fee of 4.5% per donation from your transaction
. If you would like one hundred percent of your donation to go to TEL HI, please fill out our Donation Form and mail it to: TEL HI, P.O. Box 330580, San Francisco, CA 94133 or e-mail it to Yvonne Curley at

For the ultimate in personal connection and good feelings, drop off your donation in person and meet the people who you’re helping (not ALL of them though—that would take a long time).

Help Us Reach Our Goals in 2020

TEL HI is dedicated to providing quality STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) programming to the 700 kids in our preschool and afterschool programs. Our STEAM programs encourage inquiry and problem solving and inspire a love of learning and experimentation that will help our kids reach their dreams and prepare them for their future. Your support would allow us to:

  • Purchase materials for art class. We are partnering with the San Francisco Art Institute to create an art curriculum that will include weekly art classes for our kids!
  • Offer a drone program for at least two semesters where youth will learn how to build and fly drones!
  • Send 3 of our "STEAM Team" staff to a multi-day professional development workshop in San Francisco!

It doesn’t matter if you give $25 or $25,000 (OK, it matters a little…). In essence, you’ll help keep our lights on, the food hot, and the community a safer place.

How Your Donation Is Used

Your donation will directly impact the quality of life for the people who depend on TEL HI every day. If you want, you may specify a specific program that you would like 100 percent of your donation to support. But for all donations, specific and general, you can rest assured that TEL HI uses our funding wisely and directs it to where it’s needed most.

Thank you for considering making your tax-deductible donation to TEL HI! For more information, please contact our Development Director, Yvonne Curley, at 415.580-7227, or


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