Staff Saturday: Senior Program

April 4, 2020

For Koletti Leha, TEL HI’s Senior Program & Family Services Manager, and other Senior Program Staff, their jobs are more than just a source of financial means—they’re a means to supporting the community, particularly the seniors of TEL HI’s senior lunch program.
The program serves as a second home for many of our seniors as it’s often the only time of day where they socialize with others, enjoy a communal meal, and congregate as a community. Koletti and Staff are aware of this, but in response to the recent pandemic, have had to adjust the program to meet social distancing guidelines such as requiring seniors to take their meals to-go. These have been necessary, but difficult decisions for them to make, especially knowing their roles as facilitators for this community.
Nevertheless, they stay committed to feeding seniors truly in need of a meal, even at the risk of their own health. Personally, Koletti makes sure she is self-aware of her health before trying to serve the community, but regardless, the risk remains.
Balancing yourself, while taking care of others is a challenge many of us face, especially for people like Koletti and her Staff who made it a career to do so. With this in mind, we want to recognize their integrity and shout out the Senior Lunch Program team for all their hard work and dedication to our seniors. Thank you Staff!
To support their work and our seniors, make a donation at and in the meantime, stay #telhistrong
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