Senior Sunday: Mary Wong

April 5, 2020

Mary Wong is a senior lunch program attendee and comes to TEL HI for what is usually her only meal of the day. She lives alone with her son with special needs and has no nearby family. Nonetheless, she carries an admirable aura one could describe as tranquil, untroubled, wise, and self-assured beyond measure. Still, even the strongest of us have an “anchor” we can lean back on as Mary calls it, and Mary’s anchor is TEL HI’s senior program.
TEL HI has become her go-to for a variety of resources and beyond that, is her second home. It’s her home because she loves coming here and that’s not because of the food, but what the food represents: the warmth and comfort knowing that someone truly cares and supports her. More specifically, she genuinely feels our love in each meal as she knows it took the Staff’s time and effort to prepare it for her—a “labor of love” as Mary puts it.
Put simply, when she’s at TEL HI, she feels loved and that feeling is priceless—not only for Mary but for us as well.
So please, consider supporting our senior program so that we can continue building a sense of home for Staff & Seniors. Donate at and in the meantime, stay #telhistrong.
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