Kids Will Always Be Kids: Be An Adult!

May 4, 2018

kids will always be kids

Everyone takes things to heart, from the angry pedestrian who nearly gets hit by a drunk driver to the store customer who is repeatedly given the wrong shoe size. Professional anger is often an essential factor that pushes us to go the extra mile, but anger can be a damaging tool on the home front, mainly when it is targeted at your own child’s behavior – Parenting is fun I must say!

So why take it personally when all it will do is cloud your sense of reasoning and thought process?

Yes, I know how naughty, childish, and impetuous they can be, but that is why you are an adult, or better still, a parent. You are supposed to be able to remain level-headed in situations like this. If you don’t know how to, read on, for in the next couple of lines are the ways to lessen taking your child’s behavior personally:

Understand that kids are kids

One mistake most Parents make is we think that children should behave less like children and more as adults. At this juncture, I want you to know that this is not going to happen; your children will not grow up because you keep nagging them to (sounds weird, doesn’t it?) They have not faced the problems that you have, nor have taken risks you have had to, day to day. It only reinforces the fact that they are children and can just behave as such.

Know what gets you angry

Everyone has anger triggers. What are the things that spring up anger in you? Whether it be words, actions, or emotions – you need to find out what these are. Once you know these things, it will be easier to deal with them to achieve successful parenting.

Change your inner workings

You need to change the way things work as well as your thoughts. Instead of thinking “Why is my child acting this way?”; Why not think “what would I have done in his shoes?” Thoughts like these will put you more in your right mind.

Pause and take a deep breath

When you are seriously angry, consider taking a pause. Take a deep breath, catch yourself and think things through. Taking a pause helps you to rationalize the issue from an objective perspective.

Talk to yourself

Yes, it sounds weird and abnormal, but monologues or self-confessions are not just for followers of a particular religion. Confession can help you take things less personally. When you are at the brink of bursting in anger you can just say to yourself, “I choose not to be angry”, ” I am too busy for anger issues”. As simple as those words may look, they can change the conditioning of your mind, put you in proper perspective and prevent you from taking issues over-board.

While these steps may look simple, easy and straightforward, it does not in any way affect its ability to work. Trust us – Parenting can be fun! 🙂

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