Fun Educational New Mural Promotes STEAM Education for All

July 9, 2019

On Friday, June 14 a new mural was installed on TEL HI’s gym wall on 555 Chestnut Street dedicated to bringing awareness to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) education! The mural includes information, fun facts and colorful illustrations designed to highlight each of the five disciplines. 


STEAM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, designed to give students a more comprehensive way to solve problems and think about the world around them. As an educational institution, TEL HI recognizes the importance of STEAM education in the 21 century and has been incorporating it into its preschool, after school and summer programs for children and youth. Inspired by a donation from the late Jim Gray, a local award winning computer scientist, TEL HI successfully fundraised enough money to create a STEAM Lab at the center so instructors would have a space dedicated to teaching the disciplines.

TEL HI’s STEAM programs allows kids to engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving and embrace collaboration. By giving students access to STEAM programs TEL HI is providing youth with the skills they need to excel in the future, and it’s helping kids, many who come from low-income families, have access to the same advantages as their peers!

“We are using our STEAM programs to help level the playing field,” said Nestor L. Fernandez II, TEL HI’s Executive Director. “In other words, we want to support the kids whose families cannot afford to pay for tutors in math and science, whose families cannot afford to hire an editor to help write their college essays, whose parents don’t have the time to help with homework because they are working. We want our kids to dream big and not limit themselves to their current circumstances because we want them to feel that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve.”

TEL HI’s STEAM mural is just one more way TEL HI is hoping to inspire children and people of all ages to learn and dream big! We would like to invite you to visit 555 Chestnut Street and experience our STEAM mural for yourself! Feel free to share and use #STEAMatTELHI!

TEL HI’s STEAM mural was designed by a very talented team of people at Buchanan Brand + Design! With over 20 years of experience, Buchanan Brand + Design brings talent, passion, dedication and collaboration to every project they take on! Click here to learn more about Buchanan Brand + Design!

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