Live Auction

sumaleeOur Live Auction is your chance to bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Every dollar you spend helps TEL HI provide services to those in need. In 2019  items included a private cooking lesson and an exclusive chef’s dinner and drinks for six at 25 Lusk, a priceless Golden State Warriors experience, a 7-day stay in Hawaii with 2 round trip Alaska Airline tickets and much more.

We should warn you now, the live auctions are both fun and exciting! Possible side effects may include satisfaction, a sense of purpose, exhilaration, elevated heart rate, laughter, sore cheeks from smiling, and a sore shoulder from raising your numbered paddle and trying to outbid that guy over there. Stretching beforehand is a good idea.

Do you have a unique item or experience to donate to the live auction in 2020? Click here to make a donation online or contact John Carandang at 415.580.7222, or

Totally Silent Auction

In contrast to our boisterous live auction, our totally silent auction caters to an even stealthier crowd. Our extensive auction catalog is a veritable treasure trove of coveted objects, services, and experiences—with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting TEL HI.

The silent auction can be deceptive to the untrained eye. With guests sauntering through the room, writing down bids while enjoying cocktails and various culinary presentations, it may seem mellow. But hearts are pounding just as fast here as during the live auction. The bidding period always ends with a white-hot flurry of feverish scribbling. Silent it may be, but dull it is not. Common side effects include squinting, muttering under the breath, writer’s cramp, grinning, and silent fist pumps of victory.

With every dollar you spend helping TEL HI, we encourage you to let loose your competitive spirit and generous nature to top that last bid!

Do you have an item or experience to donate to our silent auction in 2020? Click here to make a donation online or contact John Carandang at 415.580.7222 or

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