Dealing With Teen Delinquencies

March 29, 2018

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Teen delinquency is something that every parent fears for their children. Teens can at most times be annoying and rude, though it is not entirely their fault. Sometimes, it is caused by hormonal changes in their bodies, yet whatever the reason may be, it can be frustrating on the part of a parent.

How can you survive all of the drama without losing your sanity?

Don’t try to be friends, stand your ground as a parent

Contrary to the books and articles you have read, during this period, you should not attempt to become your teenage-child’s buddy. Of course, you must have established a  relationship with them prior to their teen years, but any attempt to become mushy friends with your teenage child will undermine your authority as a parent. Ultimately your child will learn from how you handled the situation years later, so you must stay firm as a parent and exert your influence as the same.

Create clear boundaries

Prioritize your teen’s behavior and draw a clear line between outrageous and acceptable. Changing underwear daily may not be so important, but sitting through meals is surely essential, cleaning up her room may be considered trivial, but raising her voice during conversations is a NO! Define what is proper and what is not, the list should reflect your personality and ensure you stick to it.

Set appropriate punishment for crossing lines

Whenever your teenage child errs, ensure penalties are in place, yet make sure that the “punishment fits the crime”. Motivation of gifts do not prompt most adolescent children to behave; instead, it is the fear of punishment that does the trick at most times. A school of thought that is becoming increasingly popular believes that taking away a favorite activity like cell phones, Xbox or your child’s PlayStation can be an appropriate punishment. I would rather side with John Tesh, author of intelligence for your life who quipped that he and his wife allows their teen daughter fix her punishment.

Create talk time

As much as you don’t want to be a lovey-dovey buddy with your teenage child, you should set out time to talk to your child. This action applies to both your teenage child and younger children too, and you could plan a family hang out void of the usual bossy parent attitude. Have some straight heart to heart talks and iron things out over some spicy sushi. Now how does that sound? Yummy right.

Know that Boiling is normal

When your teenage child raises her voice, let her, don’t try to take control of the situation. Most times when teenage children raise their voice or throw tantrums, it’s not like they wish to, chemicals are coursing through their bodies, and they are only just reacting to what they are feeling. So in situations like this, let the child boil, allow them to fume, in the meantime, you could just excuse yourself or postpone the engagement.

To ensure you stay with the tide, be there when they need you, talk when necessary but for most, remain behind the scenes and boss it out from there.

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