Seniors can feel vibrant, mentally sharp, and socially connected at TEL HI with a variety of no-cost programs:

  • A nutritious, hot lunch served in our dining room each weekday
  • Popular tai chi and line dancing classes plus other physical activities
  • Senior-specific workshops, including arts & crafts and ESL
  • Monthly blood pressure screenings (Can you say sphygmomanometer?)
  • Computer skills instruction and access to our computer lab

Approximately 110 seniors benefit regularly from these services. That adds up to

  • 18,000 hot lunches served annually (that’s a lot of lunches to socialize over)
  • 5,000 staff service hours dedicated to senior-specific exercise programs
  • Around 7,000 staff service hours toward computer lab assistance

Seeing seniors smile, exercise, and engage with one another gives us great joy! For a general schedule of activities, download our Senior Program Brochure. To learn more, you can also visit our Senior Programs page.

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