Youth Employment Services

The Youth Employment Services (YES) Program focuses on giving our youth the necessary tools to achieve academic success and become community leaders. The program offers services like paid internships, free workshops that focus on college and SAT prep and more. While YES serves high school youth from the broader San Francisco community, it also encompasses BFLY (Be a Force Leading Youth), an after school program for middle school students that encourages and helps them become an active member of their community. YES participants can receive an internship at a partner organization or business, access to enrichment workshops, individualized guidance, plus an opportunity to serve the community. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The mission of YES is to motivate youth toward achievement in their education and professional careers.To emphasize self-education, YES supports learning through personal experience and reflection, while providing an environment that is peer led and peer motivated. It also uses an adaptive curriculum tailored to each participant’s needs and goals and workshops designed to maximize success after high school.

Who Can Become a YES Participant?

All high school youth are welcome to attend our YES workshops at North Beach Place Teen Center on 567 Bay Street in San Francisco. View our calendar of current workshops being held on Wednesdays and Thursdays! To participate in our YES internship program qualified applicants should demonstrate a passion for their interests, a will to succeed, and a desire to support their community. YES does not evaluate applicants as students or as employees, but rather, as individuals. While all high school youth may apply, priority this year will be given to Francisco Middle School students, current Galileo High School students, and students who reside in the North Beach-Chinatown area.

To learn more about the time commitment involved with YES and for details on how to apply, please visit the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center Web site. If you have any questions, contact Ed Cheveres, NBC Beacon Interim Director at 415.398.5015 or