How You and Your Kids Can Benefit From a Licensed Child Care Program

January 31, 2018

Having access to a good child care program within one’s own community is becoming more and more of a necessity these days, regardless whether you’re a working couple or a single parent striving to make a living for your family. Making sure that you entrust your kids with a qualified childcare provider is a must if you want to keep them safe and provide them with a good environment, which is why it is essential that you ensure that your childcare provider has a state license.

Having a state license means that a child care program has met certain state standard for operating as such. These standards include factors such as teacher-to-child-ratios, emergency preparedness plans, enforcing safe infant sleep practices, and making sure that surfaces and materials are cleaned and disinfected regularly. State licensing procedures are put in place to protect your children, while also giving certain rights to parents.

Here are some benefits to having a licensed childcare provider:

  • They are regulated and monitored by the state, which means that they are obligated to follow specific health and safety regulations particular to handling children;
  • They are trained to perform CPR and first aid, which means that your child will have access to life-saving skills in any case of health or safety related emergencies outside of your supervision;
  • Criminal record, fingerprint, and child abuse history checks are all part of the requirements not only for the child care provider, but also the staff, volunteers, and other adults within the center. Through this, you can breathe easy knowing that your child will be in a safe environment.
  • Licensed child care centers are required to have an Emergency Care & Disaster Action Plan in place.
  • A specified amount of indoor and outdoor space is required based on the child population of the center to ensure that children have a comfortable activity area.
  • Adult-to-child ratios are regulated; the number of infants under two is restricted.

TEL HI is a licensed child care center serving the San Francisco community in California. Feel free to stop by our center anytime where we can take you on a guided tour of our grounds to give you a taste of the TEL HI experience that await your kids.