5 Ways Your Kids Can Benefit From Summer Camp Programs

January 1, 2018

Not everyone understands the value of sending their children to summer camp; although parents who have done so in their childhood do understand that allowing children to take part in such activities brings a lot of positive impact. Summer camp activities help kids develop a variety of skills, many of which can be useful in their future in terms of how to interact with other children and how to deal with challenges.

We’ve listed out 5 ways your children can benefit from attending summer camp.

Physical activity keeps kids healthy

In order to stay healthy, our bodies require a lot of physical activity, thus why it’s important to encourage kids to get more in tuned with the outdoors. Sadly, many children nowadays tend to lead sedentary lifestyles due to video games and copious amounts of screen time, resulting in childhood obesity and more. Condoning our children to this kind of lifestyle opens the door to putting their health and overall wellbeing at risk.

TEL HI’s Summer Camp Programs allow kids to experience “traditional” ways of having fun while encouraging physical activity. Throughout the summer TEL HI incorporates activities such as swimming, hiking, sports, group games like tag and capture the flag, and more into the daily schedule to keep kids moving!

Kids develop confidence

Summer camp activities are specifically designed so that children can experience success. Given all the pressures and requirements they get exposed to in school, children often find it difficult to develop confidence or find accomplishments. At summer camp, children are given the opportunity to engage in activities that help lift their spirits and keep them encouraged.

Kids learn independence

Children in summer camp engage in various activities that allow them to make their own decisions, which in turn teach them how to become more independent. Getting exposed to such scenarios gives children the opportunity to assess the impact of their choices, and whether or not it can contribute towards a solution. Giving children a chance at independent thinking allows them to develop their own opinions about many different things.

Kids learn the essence of teamwork and friendships

Part of any child’s healthy development should be the way that they socialize or interact with others. Children who are given opportunities to make friends get to learn how to decrease sheepishness which allows them to develop the social and interpersonal skills that are needed to become a productive adult. Summer camp activities are also designed for kids to work in teams where they learn to cooperate and respect others.

Exploration of new skills and interests

Many schools these days offer enrichment activities for your kids, though in summer camp, they are given the opportunity to take a deeper dive into these types of activities. From arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, to STEM activities, TEL HI’s summer camp offers it all. Our camp facilitators really help kids to step out of their comfort zone without the fear of failure or consequences.

If you’re looking for a place that’s safe and has the ability to provide productive fun during your kids’ summer break, then TEL HI’s summer camp program would be a great option. Beyond entertainment, your child will gain and develop many skills in summer camp that will be useful in their future.

Feel free to stop by the TEL HI Center or give us a call at (415) 421-6443 to inquire more about our summer camp programs.