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Please take a look around. We’re excited to celebrate our 128th anniversary this year. And we’re looking forward to serving the San Francisco community for the next 128 years!

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TEL HI received notice that the city and state are cutting a large amount of funding from our after school and summer programs, which will be detrimental to the families and children who rely on these programs. To meet some of our kids and learn more about how our programs impact their lives we invite you to view our featured video. To help TEL HI make up some of this lost funding click here to donate today!

News & Programs

  1. How Budget Cuts to California After School Programs Affect San Francisco Non-Profits

    What’s The Low Down? Budget cutbacks on state funding have been threatening the viability of afterschool programs all across America. Particularly in California, many nonprofit organizations geared towards providing assistance to low-income families are at a brink of losing much needed funds to keep their programs running, with operational costs continuously rising alongside state subsidies […]

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  2. 5 Ways Your Kids Can Benefit From Summer Camp Programs

    Not everyone understands the value of sending their children to summer camp; although parents who have done so in their childhood do understand that allowing children to take part in such activities brings a lot of positive impact. Summer camp activities help kids develop a variety of skills, many of which can be useful in […]

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  3. difference a dollar can make

    The Difference a Dollar Can Make in Your Local Community

    Have you ever dreamt of being someone who could make a difference? Many of us who have, who may have ever considered offering help in making a change for others end up not taking action, believing that in order to make a significant change, you need to have large amount of money to make it […]

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  1. Feb 28
    2018 Lunar New Year Celebration
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